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We’re a team of achievers and we believe in the true sense of creating together. The earthers on this spaceship are outspoken, autonomous and know how to celebrate open-mindedness and ideas. Once you get to know us, you’ll know where this drive and willingness to build solid products with such energy comes from; while staying humble and fun. Now it’s time to get to know each other better!

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Webflow Expert
Earthr Team - Eren

Steering the vision, strategy, and growth of our company, I overview our quality of work and cultivate a team of talents who work passionately to empower businesses.

CEO & Co-founder
Earthr Team - Ezgi

My primary goal is to convert the requests and requirements of our clients into a visual roadmap that will guide our team's creative endeavors and act as an operating director.

Earthr Team - Sabri
Webflow Expert

Always in search for what’s the hype and what works for us, getting the best out of the dev squad and building solid products together and project management is what puts a smile on my face.

Project Manager
Earthr Team - Ayda

As the maestro of our design team, I’m happy to spearhead the UX/UI vision, guiding the team to design groundbreaking products that resonate with users and drive business growth.

Co-founder & Advisor
Earthr Team - Sedef

I’m fond of finding solutions, where I merge user-centered design with creative ingenuity and branding experience to craft products that flawlessly integrate aesthetics and functionality, also in love with illustrations!

Product Designer
Earthr Team - Mehmet
Webflow Expert

I make sure that we provide maintainable and performant no-code services, to ensure the best user experience and making sure we’re always up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Earthr Team - Tutku

As a Product Designer, my passion lies in comprehending users' needs and transforming them into addictive and user-friendly products, designs and landing pages.

Product Designer
Earthr Team - Naz

I’m a problem solver, combining user-centric thinking with artistic innovation to design products and landing pages that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, ensuring the success of every product.

Product Designer
Earthr Team - Seda

I strive to create designs that seamlessly blend functionality and delight. Through this dedication, I aim to elevate user satisfaction and set new standards for product excellence.

Product Designer
Earthr Team - Tildem

I’m after skillfully weaving visual elements and strategic thinking to create captivating brand identities. With a keen understanding of target audiences and a flair for creativity, bringing brands into life is my ultimate goal.

Brand Designer
Earthr Team - Isaac

Not gonna get anything from me unless there are some treats involved! 
Woof, woof!

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What people are saying

The Earthr team was fantastic to work with. They implemented our website in a timely and professional manner working through all of the complexities in our design. They also provided a lot of input on what we can do to improve performance, design, etc. I highly recommend working with Earthr on your website project — they know what they’re doing!

Dhruv Patel
Cofounder, CEO AfterSell

"Best designers we’ve worked with. They perfectly understood the requirements of our specific service as the leading property management app in France."

David Oussadon
CEO of Pinql

“Well-thought designs that surprised us with their beauty and elegance got people asking us ‘Who designed your site?’. We recommend them as also friends of our company.” logo
Steve Peak
Founder of

Our Work

From task management tools to dashboards, rental apps to cash back apps; anything that adds users' lives a plus is a good product and we're proud.

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