Strategy provides a framework to think bigger°

Your digital strategy is the foundation of your marketing efforts. Our team will build one that fits your product and brand, giving you a plan to grow your audience from the ground up.

Digital-first brands

We build brands that stand out, tell a story and connect with people. We work with you to define what your brand voice is, how it should be translated across all channels, and how to communicate at the right time and place.


The Journey

This is a challenging and a joyful ride. No problem if you’re not sure about your current positioning, what you’d like to offer initially, or simply having a tough time setting goals for the next step on your MVP.
We’ll work together to clarify the path, define (or re-define) your goals, match our mindset with your company’s vision and values to achieve the impeccable outcome we’ll all love and be proud of.
But beware!
Earthr is a chatty team and we love to share ideas. At work we’re ninjas, but also would love a little brainstorming session here and there.

Ready to get the ball rolling?

We operate with a human-first approach, balanced with data-driven insights and a creative mindset.

We’re committed to building long lasting relationships that provide value for all involved.

We develop a visual DNA that links all the branding elements, making your brand recognizable.

You have a story to tell and your customers are waiting to hear it.

That’s why we’re here; to discover and define your brand's story and how to deliver it!

What can we do for you?

Early Stage Startups

You’re not always sure what will work best. We get that. So we take the time to understand your business and uncover key insights about your audience.

Emerging Brands

We know the feeling of missing targets or falling short of your goals for your brand. We’ll work together to identify your needs to put you back on track with a well functioning, polished look!

Established Enterprises

Your business has a rich history and you think big, but still need a team to help you out with branding, design or development? We’ll pave the way for you! See our plans for enterprises here!

Usability Testing
User Research
Data Analysis

What people are saying

The Earthr team was fantastic to work with. They implemented our website in a timely and professional manner working through all of the complexities in our design. They also provided a lot of input on what we can do to improve performance, design, etc. I highly recommend working with Earthr on your website project — they know what they’re doing!

Dhruv Patel
Cofounder, CEO AfterSell

"Best designers we’ve worked with. They perfectly understood the requirements of our specific service as the leading property management app in France."

David Oussadon
CEO of Pinql

“Well-thought designs that surprised us with their beauty and elegance got people asking us ‘Who designed your site?’. We recommend them as also friends of our company.” logo
Steve Peak
Founder of

Our Work

From task management tools to dashboards, rental apps to cash back apps; anything that adds users' lives a plus is a good product and we're proud.

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