France needed its favorite property management tool, and we feel lucky we are here to help make that happen. We partnered up and built all UX and interface for the desktop, more than 200 pages; and more than 300 pages for the app as well.

About the project

Pinql is a rental management platform for both owners and tenants. From renting your own space to finding accommodation, it is a reliable solution for the french people. It is simply the intermediary platform that everyone needs when dealing with paperwork and all other formalities that come along with rental management and moving. Pinql offers services like lease contracts, inventory of fixtures, automatic receipts and provides support when needed. Everything you can imagine related to rental management, you can proceed with the application. It is super convenient to filter among various options, search for an apartment or rent out your flat by publishing your ad, find your tenant and let Pinql take care of the rest on behalf of you.

Website design


When it comes to the app, the crucial take points were to apply to a property within the app and being able to make payments through the app, making sure that the legal process is taken care of impeccably instead of printing and signing face to face between tenant and the landlord. These are the essential duties we’ve covered on Pinql app and needless to say; we are happy with our work to help provide many with their new and cozy space!

Rental management, sharing a flat, finding a place that suits you best and saving yourself from the burden of doing all these at once: sounds good, doesn't it?

Mobile App
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