Branding for Bloom

Bloom offers its clientele tools that are developed to help local coffee shops grow. C’mon now let’s take a look at what we came up with for their branding.

About the project

Providing software solutions; Bloom is a one-of-its-kind business that aims to help local coffee shops bring their vision to their community by supporting them with innovative tools that lower costs and increase revenue, not to forget reducing your carbon footprint. We’ve partnered up with Bloom to work on their branding and make it possible for them to reach out to a bigger community with better solutions for their customers. We’re happy to contribute to a system that aims sustainability and work for more efficient business solutions to make the world a better place.


Bloom Coffee Company

Sustainable and low-cost solutions provided by Bloom is the new way of growth for coffee shops and their happy customers; java addicts like us!

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